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About Inneke Hoffman

Inneke Hoffman is a HPCSA registered Physiotherapist who graduated in BSc Physiotherapy from the University of Stellenbosch in 2013. After completing her community service year in Potchefstroom, Inneke went on to pursue her career in the private practice setting, treating a wide variety of orthopaedic and neurological conditions. Here she also developed an interest in treating patients with chronic pain disorders by providing condition specific Pilates classes.

Inneke has a great passion for general health and well-being and therefore believes in a holistic treatment approach. With her dancing background and Pilates qualification, she is able to equip patients to take control of their condition for ongoing self-management and injury prevention. She enjoys treating neuromuscular skeletal conditions and sports injuries and understands the importance of sports specific rehabilitation. She completed her dry needling and sports taping courses and keeps on developing her clinical knowledge by attending courses in order to provide patients with the latest and most beneficial assessments and treatment techniques.

Inneke strive to provide a holistic approach to wellness. During the first consultation, a detailed evaluation is done to address the root of the problem rather than only treating the symptoms. Emphasis is placed on addressing postural and biomechanical problems in order to solve the cause of the problem and thereby preventing future injuries. Forty-five minute sessions allows enough time for thorough hands on treatment and rehabilitation. She understands the importance of well-being and therefore focus on getting patients back to their normal symptom-free lifestyles in the shortest amount of time. She also charge medical aid rates and submit directly to your medical aid on your behalf.

Areas of interest include:

• Sport specific injuries
• Back and neck pain
• Treatment after surgery
• Pregnancy related back pain
• Injury of any joints and muscles
• Hand injuries and surgeries
• Sinusitus and chest conditions
• Dry needling
• Kineseotaping and sports taping
• COPD and asthma care
• Home visits
• Juvenile related rheumatoid conditions