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  • How long are the sessions?

Our assessments are an hour long and our sessions are 45 minutes long. We also do 30 minute sessions; these are mainly for people in severe pain or children.

  • What do you need to wear to the sessions?

Normal gym clothes. Anything flexible and comfortable. It is always nice for you to bring your sport specific shoes in to the assessment so that we can assess them and get a better understanding of how you moving. We generally do our sessions barefoot or with socks on.


  • Can anyone come to the pilates classes?

Yes, however we do prefer a one-on-one first (if you are a beginner), to teach you the basics of core before attending a class. Pilates is a very gentle form of exercise which doesn’t put strain on the joints and this makes it beneficial for all ages.

  • What to expect during a pilates class?

We focus on keeping the classes fun and upbeat. Most exercises are done on the mats with various exercise equipment. Although you may not work up a huge sweat, you will certainly feel the effects of the toning exercises. All the exercises are based on core strength which gets progressed from class to class.

Sports Massage:

  • Is a Sports Massage only for athletes?

No, anyone can come in for a sports massage. We don’t only focus on sports specific issues but all general stress, tension and other postural related issues too.

  • What do I need to wear to a Sports Massage?

It is preferable that you wear shorts. We do have shorts for you to use if necessary.


  • What is a bunion?

A bunion refers to a few problems at the big toe joint: the big toe deviating towards the second toe and/or subsequent enlargement of the joint and 1st metatarsal. This is mostly due to the structure of the foot and the way it moves during walking and may result in a big toe joint that is painful, red, swollen and eventually, non-functional. Shoes aggravate the deformity. Conservative treatment Focuses on preventing surgery and includes footwear changes, custom foot orthoses, and strengthening exercises.